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Leandro Júnior

PHONE: +55 (33) 9989-2435


Artist Representative

Simon Watson Arts

Simon Watson, Curator and Art Advisor

PHONE: +55 (11) 97323-5474




Thanks to the following arts patrons from Jequitinhonha, New York City and São Paulo who are supporting Leandro Junior’s São Paulo 2020 artist residency: Alvin Hall, Andreas Sanden, Beth Rudin DeWoody, Caleb Wertenbaker, Denise & Bernard Schwartz, Eileen & Richard Ekstract, Jane & John Friedman, Jeferson Gomes Figuereido, João Lemos De Sousa, Vagner Simões, Zoë & Joel Dictrow

Website production

Steve Sunderland, design & development

Daniel dos Santos Silva, production coordinator

Steve Greco, editor

Luca Loccoman, translator

Video production

Filipe Neves, videographer

Fernando Tognon, assistant videographer

Nicholas Andueza, editor

Valdo Motoso Peixoto, production

Simon Watson Arts

Craig Hensala

Fabiana Lopes, artist residency program advisor

Rafael Scur

Sylvia Carolinne de Andueza

Xavier Auza


Thanks to the communities of Jequitinhonha including Quilombo de Cuba and Cachoeira da Norte for their grace and warmth in sharing their culture; thanks to Adão da Costa Oliveira and Nadi Aparecida de Oliveira, the community leaders at Quilombo de Cuba’s Cultural Center; thanks to Dejanira Peixoto whose visit home to Jequitinhonha after a 20 year absence began SWA’s two-year curatorial odyssey to the sertão; thanks to Valdir and his family for always providing a warm welcome in José Gonçalves de Minas; Diego Kelman Ajuz, the first in North America to collect Leandro Júnior’s art work.

Special thanks to Deputado Paulo Guedes who has been supportive of Leandro Júnior’s development, has encouraged Simon Watson Arts involvement with the artist, and has championed a wide ranging examination of the cultural richness to be found in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Leandro gives thanks:

First of all to God, my family who always believe in me and support me even in the most difficult times of my life, to my friends, especially Xavier Auza, Valdo Motoso, Valdi Dodo, Djanira and Amanda. Thanks to the whole community Quilombola de Cuba including Adão, Nadir, Vardinha, Betão and all my students for being part of this story that has been built step-by-step with Simon Watson Arts together with my sponsors, because without you, nothing would be possible.